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Laying the Groundwork

Brad Hall Construction provides excavations and land clearing for businesses and homeowners. Let us build your foundation or dig out a lake to transform your property.

Destroying Existing Structures

Tear down damaged structures with carefully executed building demolition planned and performed by our experts. Call us today to discuss your demolition project.

Service Area: 
Western Pennsylvania,
Northern West Virginia & Eastern Ohio

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In Business for More Than 20 Years

Who We Are

The excavation and demolition contractors at Brad Hall Construction provide the foundation work for your next construction project. Based in Georgetown, Pennsylvania, we do everything from grading and moving dirt to building ponds. With more than 20 years of experience, we are able to install driveways, excavate foundations, install utility lines and septic systems.  Fill dirt and top soil are also available along with aggregate materials.  We also provide snow removal.


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